Autism Internship Program

Our Internship & Social/Work Skills Program Builds Bridges Between Employers, Schools, & Interns!

The Autism Internship Program is an 8 week internship program combining a specialized paid internship experience (2 rotations or more) with concurrent, intensive vocational adjustment and soft skills training for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ages 14-22. The primary purpose of the program is to give the youth hands on paid work experience, while also shoring up any pre-vocational or soft skills deficits prior to them entering the workforce.

The 8 week program will consist of 10 hours each week, 2 hours per day of vocational/soft skills instruction and 10 hours of supervised paid internship rotations equaling 20 hours per week of Pre-ETS service. The program will be offered up to 3 times per year at 8 weeks per session. It is funded through Texas Workforce Commission’s-Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

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