Career Connections Program

Our Short-Term Work Experience and Skills Program Designed Expose Students to the World of Work!

A 4-week program for students who have little to no work or volunteer experience and who have not shown a strong preference toward any particular career track. The program will begin by assessing the student’s strengths, through the O*NET Ability Profiler, to assist in matching the student with their externship positions. Students will have the opportunity to be externs and sample various work sites in multiple areas including grocery, retail, food service, and warehouse/packaging. Students will also participate in a vocational social skills class to receive instruction and the opportunity to practice professional skills.

Career Connections will take place Monday-Saturday, with a 5-hour work shift scheduled at the convenience of the industry business. This shift will include a 1-hour orientation/tour of the building and informational interview, and a 4-hour working shift for 4 sessions (1 for each industry) totaling 20 hours. Students will also receive additional instruction during the week for 2.5 hours per class, 3 times weekly, totaling 7.5 hours of instructional time per week, for a total of 30 hours.

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