How Do We Empower Advocates & Attorneys?

As a truly independent vocational services and evaluation company, our sole focus is on the client or student and accurately assessing and meeting their unique needs. As an advocate or attorney, you may have evidence that the student’s school did not fully meet the student’s post-secondary transition needs and you simply need an expert to conduct an extensive, independent evaluation to show what has and has not been done and how it has affected the student. Our services exist specifically for this reason. We want to empower advocates, attorneys, and IEP teams with high-quality data allowing them to make fully-informed decisions about the client’s or student’s future. At Bloom Consulting, we are vocational experts, which means that we serve as an independent expert-level advisor and have extensive knowledge of all areas where disability and employment meet including vocational strategies, industries, job markets, and occupational information. Another unique aspect of our services is that all of our graduate level staff have backgrounds in public education and post-secondary transition which allows them to understand the challenges and shortfalls of today’s public schools.

Our comprehensive report of between 20-50 pages includes specific recommendations and transition-related IEP goals that can be implemented immediately into a student’s IEP to ensure the maximum amount time is provided for the student to achieve meaningful progress.

In addition, our evaluation team consists of Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC) which mean that they have Master’s level education and training specific to individuals with disabilities and are considered the experts in planning for post-secondary success in employment, education, and independent living. This means they have specialized knowledge in employment laws and their impact on people with disabilities.

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