Mission LIFE-Vocational Program

Program Description:

The Mission LIFE program uses a person-centered evaluation approach to develop the most effective vocational environment for every client to reach their highest vocational potential.  Focused on developing a career for each client based on their own personal strengths, the Mission LIFE program explores every avenue of community-based job development and participation. With a combination of community-based and classroom-based instruction, our clients build a strong foundation for successful, long-term employment. In addition, by providing various levels of support, our goal is to have each client become an active member of their community, find and keep the job they love, spend time with their friends, and lead a happy fulfilling life long after they complete our program.

A Day at Mission LIFE May Look Like:

Beginning each day with a reflection of the goals they have established, clients will set out to explore vocational skills in their local community through volunteering and job shadowing.  They will continue to build on those skills as they focus on self-advocacy in each new adventure and environment.  Activities at the Mission LIFE campus include time to learn new vocational soft skills, practice expected work behaviors, and improve on their independent living skills. Clients will remain in small groups to ensure effective support designed to meet their unique needs throughout the program.

Corporate Headquarters

3001 Joe Dimaggio Blvd, Ste 800
Round Rock, TX 78665
Phone: 512-537-1661
Fax: 512-852-4740

Houston Location
Las Vegas Location

3001 Joe Dimaggio Blvd, Ste 800 Round Rock, TX 78665

8810 Will Clayton Pkwy Suite A, Humble, TX 77338