Mission LIFE-Vocational Program

Mission LIFE – Full and Part-Time Support (Northeast Houston Area):

Shopping, creative arts, eating lunch with friends, a trip to a museum, or a day helping others — for the people in our Mission Life program, each day brings new opportunities to learn, socialize, and live their best life. Mission LIFE participants come together in small groups to expand their horizons and participate in their community both socially and in community service. Individual Person-Centered Plans, based on the strengths and desires of each participant, are woven into each day’s activities.

Through education and exposure to new experiences, each person is engaged through various methodologies. Community integration is a key component. Whether learning to socialize with peers at the YMCA, volunteering at the local animal shelter, delivering food for Meals on Wheels, or participating in a Zumba class at the community center, the men and women of the program engage with the greater community and build skills in various areas of their lives with a focus of employment.   No matter the skill level, men and women get to experience activities of their choice that help to enrich their days and make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Transportation Provided – for a nominal fee of just $10.00, our staff can provide transportation to and from the Mission LIFE program assuming the client lives in the Lake Houston Area (Atascocita, Kingwood, and Humble).

Hands-on Training – Mission LIFE clients are Workbound!

Our Pre-Vocational program provides actual hands-on training for people with a desire to work. Through volunteering, professional skill-building, and other work-related activities, men and women learn the culture of the workplace including how to interact positively with co-workers, and expectations about dress and timeliness. They can then build confidence in their mastery of various skills through practical on-the-job practice as we volunteer in our local community.  An emphasis on each individual’s employment path guides the skills we focus on leads the overall plan development.

Employment Assistance:

Through this program, we support each individual in building the skills set they need to find and keep their dream job.  We work on job applications, interview skills, talking with your boss and co-workers.  We provide support in completing job applications and attending interviews.  We work with the individual’s support team to help each person find the right job for them.  Our Employment Assistance program is a crucial part of our Mission LIFE program as our focus is on competitive employment and following one’s employment path to achieve their employment goals.

Currently, all of our support is provided on a private pay basis. Half days start at $50.00 per day and full days start at $100.00 per day. A discount is given for full-time/full-week participation.  

For more information on the Mission LIFE program, please contact:
Roni Jo Frazier via phone at 832-477-6361 or via email: rfrazier@bloomconsultingco.com

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