On The Right Track Career/College Exploration Program

General Information:

What is On The Right Track?

Using the Self-Directed Search System, students will be grouped into small groups based upon their career track, functioning, and age. They will then engage in fun, hands-on activities, specific to that career track, designed to expose them to the soft and hard skills, postsecondary education, job market conditions, and availability of those careers. Specific activities include listening to guest speakers in their interest area, researching post-secondary degree options, and practicing interviewing and other needed soft skills for workplace success. In addition, 2 social activities will be offered during the day to provide specific opportunities to connect with their peers and practice the soft skills needed to become competitively employed.

What criteria does each student need to meet to be eligible to attend?
  • Students must be between the ages of 16-22, enrolled in Secondary or Post-Secondary Education, with a diagnosed disability, and an IQ of 60 or higher.
  • Students must be able to function in a small student group of up to 6 without a 1 on 1 aide.
  • Students must have transportation to/from service each day, if service is not provided during the school day.
Is the camp for students who are college-bound?
  • To meet the needs of all students, we offer the following curriculum tracks…
    • A career track for lower-functioning students with limited reading ability who intend to enter the workforce directly.
    • A career track for students who plan to enter the workforce directly or during/after a technical training program.
    • A college track for intellectually higher functioning students who plan to pursue a college degree.
What are the qualifications of the staff leading the program?
  • The service is staffed at a ratio of no more than 6 students to every 1 facilitator.
  • Each location has a graduate-level camp coordinator who provides administrative, behavioral, staff, and curriculum support.
  • The National Pre-ETS Director, Dr. James Williams, supervises, hires, and trains all coordinators directly and hires local facilitation staff.
  • All directors, coordinators, and facilitators undergo a full background check and training protocol prior to contact with any students or student information.
Can a participant attend for less than the full session?

No, a student must be able to attend the entire session.

Information for Parents/Students:


If the student will not attend on a specific day for which he or she is registered, please notify our staff as soon as possible. Refunds will not be given for any missed days, for any reason, due to the need for consistent staff supervision regardless of the number of students.

Approval of TWC-VRS Services/Funding:

As a TWC-VRS contracted provider, Bloom Consulting and its staff have no involvement, control, or authority in the funding of any TWC-VRS service, in any area, including On The Right Track. As a private provider, Bloom Consulting only provides the curriculum, supplies, staff, and service itself. As such, all questions regarding funding, student eligibility, TWC-VRS policy, decisions, or concerns must be directed to a school’s assigned TWC-VRS counselor or representative. While Bloom Consulting is able to discuss the contracted services we offer as a TWC-VRS vendor, any discussions had, or information shared with Bloom Consulting staff should not be considered as a guarantee or approval of a service or funding since TWC-VRS makes all decisions regarding funding and services.

Behavior/Conduct Expectations:

In an effort to provide all students with a safe and educational experience, it is important that all students exhibit proper behavior and self-control, consistent with acceptable workplace standards. Students are expected to respect program staff and fellow students at all times. Inappropriate, sexual, disruptive and/or violent behavior while in the program will not be tolerated. Examples of inappropriate behavior include, but are not limited to, fighting, name calling, bullying, foul language, destruction of property, arguing, disrespectful or illegal actions, and inappropriate physical contact. Appropriate physical contact, such as high-fives and side-hugs, are acceptable. Our program staff reserves the right, upon notification of the parent/guardian and/or TWC-VRS Counselor, to dismiss any student for conduct deemed detrimental to the well-being of other students, staff, or to the overall operation of the program. Private-pay refunds will not be given should this occur.

Drop Off & Pick Up (1 Week Camp Only):

Drop-Off is from 8:30 am-9:00 am each day. Students should not be dropped off prior to 8:30 am as supervision will not be provided since camp staff are not expected to be on site until 8:30 am. Bloom Consulting and our staff will not be held liable for a student who is dropped off prior to 8:30 am. A parent or other authorized person may accompany the student inside or they may drop them off outside.

Pick-Up is from 4:00 pm-4:30 pm each day. Students must be picked up prior to 4:30 pm as supervision will not be provided past 4:30 pm for any reason. Bloom Consulting and our staff will not be held liable for a student who is picked up after 4:30 pm. A parent or other authorized person may pick up the student inside or wait for them outside.

Lunch/Snack (1 Week Camp Only):

Students are responsible for bringing their own lunch each day, however the program staff will provide basic snacks and water. Our program staff are not responsible for monitoring students’ dining choices. Staff will provide guidance, but the student is solely responsible for choosing meals appropriate to their dietary restrictions and needs.

Technology (1 Week Camp Only):

At most locations, students will need to bring and use their own personal electronic device, such as an iPad, Android Tablet, Laptop, or Smartphone with them each day to the program site to complete the various activities and assessments that require a web browser and internet connection. Students are not allowed to utilize this technology for recreational use during the program hours unless given permission by staff, however staff are not responsible for the student’s internet browsing and cannot be expected to monitor all student usage at all times.

Transportation (1 Week Camp Only):

Students and/or parents are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the program location each day. 

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