Pre-Employment Services

Our career and college exploration training classes and camps designed for students with disabilities, ages 14-22, are offered throughout the school year and summer.
Pre-Employment Services
Bloom Consulting

Bloom Consulting is a premier provider of Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) for individuals receiving special education and/or 504 supports ages 14 to 22. Our Pre-ETS program, On The Right Track, is designed to provide students with a comprehensive review of all Pre-Employment Transition goals. We offer a combination of school-year, school-based classes and summer camps, as well as work-based learning experiences that will supply each student with the skills necessary to be successful employees or post-secondary students. If you have any questions, please contact our team via email at or via phone at (832) 241-7630.

On The Right Track

School-Year, School-Based Classes

Students will have school-year, school-based instruction, which will be provided by trained facilitators provided by Bloom Consulting in partnership with the state vocational rehabilitation agency and the school district. Classes will be developed and presented based on student schedules and learning styles. School-based Pre-ETS classes typically last the entire school year and provide students the opportunity to learn necessary skills in all five goal areas of Pre-ETS.

Summer Camps

Using the vocational assessment, students will be grouped based upon their career track, functioning, and age. They will then engage in fun, hands-on activities, specific to that career track, designed to expose them to the soft and hard skills, postsecondary education, job market conditions, and availability of those careers. Specific activities include listening to guest speakers in their interest area, researching post-secondary degree options, and practicing interviewing and other needed soft skills for workplace success.

Camp Schedule


June 5th – 9th-Georgetown, TX
June 5th – 16th-Abilene, TX
June 5th – 16th-Midland, TX
June 5th – 16th-San Angelo, TX
June 6th – 29th-Houston ISD (Mon – Thurs), TX
July 10th – 21st-Baytown ISD, TX
July 10th – 21st-CyFair ISD, TX


June 5th – 9th-CRAVE Las Vegas @ UNLV, NV
June 5th – 16th-Fallon High School, NV
June 12th – 16th-Dayton High School, NV
June 12th – 16th-Fernley High School, NV
June 12th – 16th-Silver Stage High School, NV
June 12th – 16th-Yerington High School, NV
June 12th – 23rd-OTRT-Las Vegas @ UNLV, NV
June 19th – 23rd-CRAVE Elko, NV
June 26th – 30th-CRAVE Reno, NV
June 26th – 30th-Douglas County High School, NV


June 19th – 23rd-Roanoke, VA
June 26th – 29th-Gloucester, VA
June 26th – 30th-Williamsburg, VA
July 10th – 14th-Hampton, VA
July 10th – 21st-Virginia Beach, VA


June 19th – 23rd-Gillette College Overnight Camp, WY
June 26th – 30th-Casper College Overnight Camp, WY


June 5th – 9th-Lewistown, MT
June 26th – 20th-Milestown, MT

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria does each student need to meet to be eligible to attend?
  • Students must be between the ages of 14-22, enrolled in secondary or postsecondary education, and have a diagnosed disability.
  • Students must be able to function in a small student group of up to 6 without a one-on-one aide.
  • Students must have transportation to and from service each day, if service is not provided during the school day.
Is the camp for students who are college-bound?
  • To meet the needs of all students, we offer the following curriculum tracks:
    • A career track for lower-functioning students with limited reading ability who intend to enter the workforce directly.
    • A career track for students who plan to enter the workforce directly or during/after a technical training program.
    • A college track for intellectually higher functioning students who plan to pursue a college degree.
What are the qualifications of the staff leading the program?
  • The service is staffed at a ratio of no more than 6 students to every 1 facilitator.
  • Each location has a graduate-level camp coordinator who provides administrative, behavioral, staff, and curriculum support.
  • All directors, coordinators, and facilitators undergo a full background check and training protocol prior to contact with any students or their information.
Can a participant attend for less than the full session?

No, a student must be able to attend the entire session.

Pre-ETS Transition Goals

5 Domains On The Right Track Covers:

  • Career & College Exploration
  • Workplace Expectations & Hard Skills
  • Workplace Soft & Social Skills
  • Planning for Life after High School
  • Self Determination & Self-Advocacy

Our Pre-ETS classes incorporate the five domains above and cover subjects including building healthy workplace relationships, mastering the interview process and how to land a job and maintain employment, as well as advocating for one’s self and future.

Interview Preparation & Process
  • Exploring Job Interests
  • Using Strengths to Develop a Career Path
  • Personal Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Guest Speakers & Visiting Job Sites
  • Interviewing Skills & Practice
  • Answering Behavior-Related Questions
  • Completing Job Applications
  • Introduction Skills
  • 60-Second Speech
  • Interview Follow-Up & Next Steps
  • Learning Pre-Employment Skills
Workplace Relationships
  • Our classes focus on helping individuals better understand their own bodies and the following important areas of sexual health:
  • Sexual Development
  • Sexual Health
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Expected Social Behaviors
  • Social Media
  • Internet Safety
  • Building Social & Workplace Relationships
  • Dating in the Workplace
  • Recognizing and Reporting Workplace Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Extortion
  • Our classes are taught by special educators with over 20 years of experience teaching sex education and health classes in various setting including both private and small group classes.
  • They have worked in both the public and private sectors of disability services and special education and have taught numerous courses on health and sex education to individuals with disabilities at various ages. They have Master’s Degrees in Education and have been through extensive training on sexuality, abuse prevention, self-advocacy, and disability health.
Self-Advocacy & Your Future
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Knowing what Support You Need
  • How to Get the Support You Need
  • Taking Charge of Your Future
Maintaining Employment
  • Essential Workplace Traits & Skills
  • Keeping Your Job
  • Meeting Workplace Expectations
  • Keys to Success
  • Taking Pride in Your Work
  • What Employers Need From You
  • Being Dependable
  • Fear of Making a Mistake
  • Strategies for Changing the Direction of your Life

Payment Options

Bloom Consulting is a contracted Pre-ETS VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) provider in the states of Texas, Nevada, Virginia, Montana, and Wyoming. As such, potential funding of our camps and classes may be available if approved by a VR Counselor. Alternatively, families may choose to private pay for their student’s attendance. As a reminder, Bloom Consulting is not responsible and cannot advocate for a student’s VR funding in any circumstance.

Contact Us

To refer a student, register for an event, or if you are interested in planning a camp or scheduling a service with us, please contact our team at or call (832) 241-7630.

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