Vocational Evaluation

We provide comprehensive vocational evaluation/planning services utilizing age-appropriate, peer-reviewed methodology to evaluate, plan, and facilitate the most meaningfully independent life possible for a person with a disability. These can be done on behalf of schools, advocates, attorneys, parents, adults, and any other professional. A unique aspect of our services is that all of our graduate level staff have backgrounds in public education and post-secondary transition which allows them to understand the context and importance of providing appropriate transition services in today’s public/private schools. We provide recommendations and goals in the following areas:

  • Higher Education (College/University/Technical School)
  • Employment (Full-Time/Part-Time/Contract)
  • Independent Living
  • Social Skills
  • Financial Planning
  • Transportation
  • Benefits Planning (Social Security)
  • Community-Participation
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Self-Determination
  • Executive Functioning
  • Academic Skills

Examples of Instruments:
o Career and Occupational Preference System (All Ages)
▪ COPS Interest Test
▪ CAPS Abilities Test
▪ COPES Values Test
o The VARK Learning Styles Questionnaire (All Ages)
o Barkley Deficits in Executive Functioning Scale-BDEFS (All Ages)
o Wide Range Achievement Test-WRAT-4 (All Ages)
o Checklist of Adaptive Living Skills-CALS (All Ages)
o Vocational Social Skills Checklist (All Ages)
o The Enderle-Severson Transition Rating Scale-ESTR (Transition-Age Students Only)
o Becker Work Adjustment Profile–Second Edition-BWAP-2 (Transition-Age Students Only)
o Purdue Pegboard Assessment (All Ages)
o Complete Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test (All Ages)
o Transferable Skills Analysis (All Ages)
o Functional Capacity Checklist (All Ages)
o Labor Market Survey (All Ages)
o Community-Based Situational Work Assessment (Customized to Each Examinee)
o Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory–Second Edition-R-FVII:2 (For Low or Non-Verbal Examinees)

Evaluator Qualifications:
o The evaluation and report writing will be done by a team of fully licensed and/or certified, graduate-level, professionals with expertise in Rehabilitation Counseling, Social Work, Psychotherapy, Special Education, Transition Planning, Forensic Rehabilitation, and Human Resources. In addition, all evaluators have extensive, recent experience in Job Placement and specific knowledge of local Job Market Trends and Availability.

Delivery of Evaluation Results:
o Results will be delivered to all parties via email within 4-6 weeks following the administration of the evaluation.

Cost of Evaluation Services:
o Varies based upon the needs of the evaluee and the instruments used. However, we are a vendor for TWC-VRS so some evaluation may be covered by them.
o Travel cost is assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the location of the examinee and the accessibility of the testing location.
o Additional fees may be assessed for short-notice cancellation and/or any additional assessments requested.

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